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I am Dr. Bacala, a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Just like many patients, I have grown frustrated with the healthcare system, which is broken.  In our current health care model, doctors are forced to see 20-40 patients a day to keep the clinic doors open since insurance companies pay doctors for how may patients they see, tests they order or procedures they do. That is why the average time you have with your doctor is 7 - 10 minutes! Another problem is access to your doctor, wait times can be 2-3 months out. Unfortunately our country will be facing a primary care doctor shortage in the very near future, which will make this problem even worse. It also has made it difficult for doctors to practice medicine due to the administration burdens of third parties, like insurance and the government.  I went to medical school to help people and to be the best doctor I can be for my patients. Our current health care model has made that challenging and frustrating at times. I have joined a growing group of doctors around the country that have created a different approach to health care.


I have a membership program that is similar to a gym membership or your monthly cell phone bill, where patients pay a fixed affordable monthly fee for unlimited primary care. We also may be able to save you money of up to 50%-90% discounts on labs, imaging and medications by cutting out third parties/insurance. This model of health care is called Direct Primary Care (DPC), which is growing around the country. I am happy to bring this model to Las Vegas. I truly believe that this is the next generation of the healthcare model that will restore the patient and doctor relationship, which our current healthcare system has destroyed. Just like a quill pen we are bringing back old-fashioned healthcare with a modern touch, the way it should be.


Jose Bacala M.D.

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