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"Direct Primary Care is the answer to the rising cost of providing health benefits to your employees"

Quill Health direct primary care is a valuable asset for any business. Having a company physician helps your staff get care quickly and stay healthy (and on the job!). Employees have easy access to their personal physician by text, email or phone consultations and typically same-day/next-day visits. Having a company doctor is also an added perk to help your business attract and retain exceptional employees.

Benefits of a company doctor:

  • Provides the business with an added benefit to retain and attract exceptional employees

  • Affordable option to supplement low-cost existing insurance plans (example- less expensive, high deductible plan)

  • Great option to provide health care to employees whose businesses employ < 50 employees (not required to provide insurance)

  • Preventive visits to keep employees healthy and save them (and you) money

  • Access to physician by text, phone, email or video calls

  • Typically same-day/next-days appointments

  • Low cost medications, labs, and imaging prices

Studies show the advantages of Direct Primary Care for businesses:

  • 65% less emergency room visits

  • 35% less hospitalization visits

  • 90% less urgent care visits (Due to easy access to a Direct Primary Care Doctor)

  • 66% less referrals to specialist

  • 82% less surgeries

  • 63% less imaging orders (example- MRI and CT scans)

Take a look for yourself please read this article, "How Employers can benefit from Direct Primary Care"

**If more than > 50 Employees Contact us for special pricing**

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